How to take care of jewelry- 5 Pro-tips that work!

How to take care of jewelry- 5 Pro-tips that work!

A dilemma every woman faces after buying stylish jewelry pieces online is to maintain them for a longer duration of time. Wallet-friendly and fun, fashion jewelry stays updated all year with the trends. And in keeping up with these trends one thing that slips out the mind, is that the attractive gold-plated surface of your favorite pieces have a certain lifespan. 

Many fashion accessories that you find online are plated in gold or rhodium to make them extra shiny and still be affordable for customers. For a stylish jewelry item that will only be worn for a limited time to keep up with trends, gold plating is a fantastic choice. The base metal molecules will eventually transfer into the thin surface of gold, causing it to tarnish. 

However, with great care from Day 1, these jewelry pieces might last you for years and not lose their shine.

Here, we have listed down for you some tips that ensure longer durability of your fashion accessories.

Last On, First Off

A good rule of thumb for long lasting jewelry is to Wear it last, Take it off first. This way you avoid getting in contact with makeup products or perfume. Also, put your accessories on after you put on your clothes and take them off before you take off clothes to avoid entangling them as the surfaces might be prone to rubbing off.

Avoid contact with water

Doing dishes and laundry, going for a swim in chlorinated water, spa-  all are damaging to your jewelry. Contact with water, dishwashing soap, lotions and even sweat can tarnish your jewelry and cut down its lifespan. Make sure you remove your accessories before indulging in these activities. Always ensure that your hands are dry before handling your gold-plated jewelry. 

Avoid jewelry cleaner

Jewelry cleaners meant for gold and silver are very harsh on jewelry that is gold or rhodium plated. The plating surface may just wear off with time if these cleaners are used.

Good storage is the secret!

How you store your jewelry also plays a major role in good jewelry care. Don’t keep them lying around- keep them in a ziploc bag to avoid air. Store them in your jewelry box or any secure air tight container to avoid further entangling of your accessories. Some experts even suggest that wrapping them in eyeglass clothes is as good as wrapping them in anti-tarnish paper. You can also go fancy and store them in beautiful silk or velvet pouches that can be carried around easily. 

Cleansing is the key

Sometimes, your jewelry might get a grungy look. This is because of exposure to dirt, oil, salts or acids which is quite inevitable. To remove clean them with a damp cotton ball or microfibre cloth. This will seamlessly remove any smudges, spots and surface oils. Don’t forget to air dry and buff them up with a microfibre cloth until all moisture is gone before storing. 

Don’t compromise on quality in your pursuit of trendy fashion jewelry. Wearing high-quality gold plated or rhodium plated jewelry is nearly as good as wearing real gold jewelry. And the best part? It comes with an unbeatable price tag! 

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